Samara Smiled…

Etched across her face was a smile

That matched the sun on the brightest day

‘Happy Samara,’ they would say

Friends and foes alike,

Were treated to it.

Concealed behind that smile

Was a world that would have you running miles

But what they saw was, ‘Happy Samara’

For her smile matched the sun on the brightest day

That’s how Samara faced the world,

With a bright smile.

© K. Leeban


Child of Cruelty

Hey Child of Cruelty,

What has become of you?


How do you cope?

I self-medicate…

Sometimes I’m high dancing with the angels,

Sometimes I’m so high,

That I think I am an angel!

But then I am PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!

And what has become of you?

I became a source of pain

And you?

I became the master of pain and ruled the oceans!

Hey Child of Cruelty,

What has become of you?

I went to prison and became a number.

And you, oh Child of Cruelty?

I loved Cruelty,

And you?

I saw and loved pain,

Oh, and you?

I chose to leave Cruelty and become dust

And you?

I searched the globe for love and found myself!

© K. Leeban

The Broken Shall Not Bow

So, you came to establish yourself
On my ruins,
To glorify yourself in the homes of the broken,
the reason for their despair.
But they will no longer bow,
Only respect
The power so mighty
Yet still sees strength within they
For they will no longer bow to tyrants
Yet below,
As to stoop to the homes of the broken,
Demanding glory,
For we are broken
and don’t know what glory is!
So come down
As lower
So we may glorify you
We don’t know how to bow to the high,
We have never reached this height!

© K. Leeban

God of darkness

I asked of God, and then I got darkness,

So I said…

Go for if you’re God then man has served justice better than you

Therefore I can never seek it in your name

Go, for if you’re God then the absence of peace in my heart

Is due to your presence

Go, for if you’re God then light is light on your scales

For I am engulfed in darkness most days

Go, for if you’re God I can never be love

Or be loved

Surely that would displease you

Go for if you’re God then dignity is something not designed for women

Or for those of darker shades

Go for if you’re the hand that gives

Then you can never give until you strip your recipient of dignity

Go darkness, for God has lost his throne

© K. Leeban

I castrate them!


You may ask

Read I say…

I am a traveller, he said

Let me recall all of my wanders…

Then I recalled mine

It appeared I had seen more…

I am a well read man, he said

Then he quoted dead men

I asked for his own take on life,

You see, I wanted to see the greatness in my man

Not the dead authors whose words I was already familiar with

He called me a snob.

I know about religions, he said

I listened and we debated…

How do you know so much?

He asked!

I am a businessman, he said

You’re just a con artist,

I said!

I am a politician, he said

You’ll be the fool of tomorrow,

I said!

I’m a jogger he said, care to join me on the track?

Sure I said…

Then I ran four laps more than he

I never heard from the man who followed me for four blocks to get my number

I know why you’re single, I heard

Because your beauty is so intimidating!

I’m afraid I have more problems with my inner beauty than my exterior, I said

Do you want to hear me speak?

I never heard from him again

I am a lover, he said,

Show me love, I said…

And I was his!

© K. Leeban


You gave and they took

Far more than your kindness would have allowed.

And the castles they built afar

Become the stars

That guided your children

To seek drops of your offering

And provided the drips that fed your sick.

For too long now

You have lived in the shadow

Barely allowing yourself a window

To your own show

While dressing others for centre stage

With diamonds you handed over

With your dirty hands




Your hands and hold!

Close your door!

Contain all that’s within you

No longer will your children seek lime light

In someone else’s show

You are ready to take over

And you will require a lot of diamonds

The time has come for you to wear the crown

© K. Leeban

People leave

People leave,

Sometimes without a goodbye;

On the wings of angels

In the shadows of their sorrows

In memories forgotten

Lost to time’s unforgiving stretch.


Should your heart ache tomorrow

In longing for what once was,

Should your tears fall in a mass,

And your loss be made more evident

In all that is missing,

Just remember that someday,

You will leave all.

© K. Leeban