Anne loved birds and butterflies

She loved birds and butterflies, although she never knew why. When I asked her; “Why birds?”

She said, “I don’t know why I like them, but I do!”

As I got to know her, I leant that Anne was one of the least freest people I have ever met. She never said or did anything without a great caution. She never danced without thinking about the reaction of those around her.

But I noticed that like a bird that flies in the sky, free and unconfined, that Anne had the potential to reach a high place. When she said say something, it wasn’t the average; they were words that had the potential to travel far.

When she did something, it was often something worthy of doing or something that transformed another or turned into something new. And that’s when I made the connection with butterflies. For they transform from one state to another.

One day, more than a decade after last seen her, I met Anne and I couldn’t believe how much she transformed. I couldn’t recognise her at first, but when I did I was amazed at the transformation.

Anne wasn’t burdened by the years for she was lighter, about 10kg, nor was she burdened by caution for she freely spoke over two hours, over wine and cigarettes.

As we got ready to leave and part ways, I said to Anne, “You have truly changed!” She smiled and told me life pushed her onto a different road! Anne never drunk nor did she smoke in her former life.

As Anne left me, I noticed something that hasn’t changed and it was her love of birds. Attached to her hippy bag were several badges of birds, nestled in between “love and peace” signs and “freedom” badges.  

I guessed that Anne transformed but was still not ready to fly!

I waved Anne goodbye, almost expecting her to fly off. But she walked, and turned around before disappearing from view to blow me a kiss!

© K. Leeban

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