God of darkness

I asked of God, and then I got darkness,

So I said…

Go for if you’re God then man has served justice better than you

Therefore I can never seek it in your name

Go, for if you’re God then the absence of peace in my heart

Is due to your presence

Go, for if you’re God then light is light on your scales

For I am engulfed in darkness most days

Go, for if you’re God I can never be love

Or be loved

Surely that would displease you

Go for if you’re God then dignity is something not designed for women

Or for those of darker shades

Go for if you’re the hand that gives

Then you can never give until you strip your recipient of dignity

Go darkness, for God has lost his throne

© K. Leeban

I castrate them!


You may ask

Read I say…

I am a traveller, he said

Let me recall all of my wanders…

Then I recalled mine

It appeared I had seen more…

I am a well read man, he said

Then he quoted dead men

I asked for his own take on life,

You see, I wanted to see the greatness in my man

Not the dead authors whose words I was already familiar with

He called me a snob.

I know about religions, he said

I listened and we debated…

How do you know so much?

He asked!

I am a businessman, he said

You’re just a con artist,

I said!

I am a politician, he said

You’ll be the fool of tomorrow,

I said!

I’m a jogger he said, care to join me on the track?

Sure I said…

Then I ran four laps more than he

I never heard from the man who followed me for four blocks to get my number

I know why you’re single, I heard

Because your beauty is so intimidating!

I’m afraid I have more problems with my inner beauty than my exterior, I said

Do you want to hear me speak?

I never heard from him again

I am a lover, he said,

Show me love, I said…

And I was his!

© K. Leeban


You gave and they took

Far more than your kindness would have allowed.

And the castles they built afar

Became the stars

That guided your children

To seek drops of your offering

And provided the drips that fed your sick.

For too long now

You have lived in the shadow

Barely allowing yourself a window

To your own show

While dressing others for centre stage

With diamonds you handed over

With your dirty hands




Your hands and hold!

Close your door!

Contain all that’s within you

No longer will your children seek lime light

In someone else’s show

You are ready to take over

And you will require a lot of diamonds

The time has come for you to wear the crown

© K. Leeban

People leave

People leave,

Sometimes without a goodbye;

On the wings of angels

In the shadows of their sorrows

In memories forgotten

Lost to time’s unforgiving stretch.


Should your heart ache tomorrow

In longing for what once was,

Should your tears fall in a mass,

And your loss be made more evident

In all that is missing,

Just remember that someday,

You will leave all.

© K. Leeban


The inherited are followed for no reason other than loyalty to the ancestors

Ties broken only when we question them

Or when they crush us

The adopted are followed for they agree with our values

Ties severed only when our values evolve,

So I guess we can say the best of believers are those who respect their values

© K. Leeban

We forgot about the dead

We left them in their caskets,

Letting the earth consume the bodies

That once breathed.

We cried for a while,

For life felt empty.


Then we forgot about the dead,

And the promises made.

We forgot the spaces they filled,

And places they lay,

Their names no longer said.


We forgot about the dead,

Rested them from our days,

Living like they never did.

© K. Leeban

Old Mirror

Old mirror who has seen so much,

Remind me of those days of adolescence

And restlessness

The ones where the days stretched into weeks


Old mirror who is still here,

Show me those faces who once looked to you for self-validation


The ones you no longer see,

Show me how you once saw them

Show me their smiles before life transformed


Old mirror who had seen me in my former,

Show me you still recognise me!

© K. Leeban

Artists of deception

Let’s twos to the artists of deception

We may not appreciate their art,

But they sure do work hard

To display a show of tenacity and talent

Into their scheming goes hours of planning

And more hours of displaying

What their efforts mounted to,

The best of them will have you fooled

The worst of them, confused


Let’s twos to the artists of deception

For at times theirs is a work of perfection

That is almost hard to see

And that requires a lot of skills

© K. Leeban

The lost ones

I watched the lost for a while

Noted they had in common

Lack of attachments

I watched them go in two ways…


One travelled on the path of those around him

Carefully placed every step as they

And every hand where fingers pointed

Free from the burden of thought.


The other travelled on a path that led nowhere

And everywhere

At the sound of a thunder it fled

At the call of a trumpet it followed

Wherever the heart led

Free from the burden of boundaries.


One traced life through stories told

And the other unfolded tales of treks through deserts

And that’s when I knew the lost go two ways.

© K. Leeban

What I do

I walk among the wounded
So my scars don’t show

I laugh with the free
As they don’t question the source

I cry with the little ones;
I don’t understand it either

I drink with wisdom
To fill my cup for another day

I dance with the ones on the ground;

Their feet know their way around it

I share with the honest;
Fairness is something I honour

I travel with the wanderers
So we’re never lost

I love the gentle ones
In their hearts there’s goodness

I look for the bright side
As I’ve seen darkness

I sit with the present;
Tomorrow can wait.

© K. Leeban